- Editor for Alpha Elite Performance's Instagram Stories and Videos

- 30 second - 1 minute promotional videos highlighting the benefits of AEP's exercise supplements and the

  company's connection to the military community

- Collaborating 1-on-1 with AEP founder and CEO to connect their vision to reality

- Veteran owned business (Special Forces Green Beret)


- Assistant editor and data specialist for the global rock star Yoshiki of X-Japan

- Revamped company's approach to storing digital media, from hard drives to networked server, saving 


- Created and implemented new company standards for production workflows

- Adapted to night shift work hours to accommodate Yoshiki's schedule

- Streamed live video on multiple cameras overnight to Japan and thousands of fans worldwide 

  on Yoshikichannel

- DIT/media pipeline design and implementation for in-house shoots

- Archival footage organization and management 


• Lead Assistant Editor for the six part HBO series McMillions

- Responsible for footage pipeline and workflow from cameras, transcode, syncing and grouping

(Avid) for distribution to editors

- Pulled selects, edited scenes and worked for multiple editors concurrently (3-4)

- Provided DIT in the field, archival footage research and management, plus liaison with graphics,

sound and color vendors

- Implemented redundant and highly efficient 4K workflow for three-month full-scale

recreation shoots for the series

• Editor for “Workouts with Wahlberg” - delivering Mark Wahlberg’s workout videos with

same day delivery and posting

• Upgraded company post production workflow from individual drives to a fully functioning,

redundant networked editing environment (Enterprise Class NAS and Avid Nexis)

• Ingested and prepared footage for Unrealistic Ideas editors for development projects (Adobe & Avid)

• Associate Producer, cinematographer and researcher for a human trafficking series currently

in development



• Junior Editor for the upcoming documentary ZAPPA

- Worked remotely after hours in Adobe Premiere to assist lead editor

- Completed scenes and sections with directions provided via e-mail and phone conversations

- Pulled date-accurate archival replacements and alternatives for scenes

- Remixed Frank Zappa original tracks to suit the visuals and contents of the scene

- Quickly learned and synthesized complicated topic and artistic style to effectively

fit in with preexisting edit and direction


• Assistant Editor for the feature documentary No Safe Spaces

- Rebuilt Adobe Premiere edit project

- Ingested, synched and grouped new and existing footage

- Created retroactive archival research log, responsible for download, ingestion and

management of archival media

- Exported and uploaded clips and scenes for social media promotional use

- Edited multiple scenes for the film


• Associate Producer and Assistant Editor for Magnolia's/HBO’s The Final Year

- Designed and implemented high-security footage workflow approved by the White


- Traveled with Director Greg Barker as cinematographer and producer on

Secretary of Defense 747 to APAC Security Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii

- Coordinated with government and HBO representatives from organizing

shoots to delivering the final film

- Served as focal point for finishing vender contacts (color, sound, graphics,

mastering and delivery to HBO)

- Researched, pulled and maintained archival footage library

- Pulled selects and edited scenes

- Maintained the edit integrity and workflow when additional editor added

- Trained intern from London, who is now Passion’s assistant editor

- Acted as liaison for VIP government guests and filmmaking team at Toronto International

Film festival world premiere

- Maintained edit simultaneously while providing support for other Passion Pictures

documentaries that were in various stages of production

• Associate Producer and Associate Editor for CNN’s Emmy Nominated Legion of Brothers

- Implemented footage/DIT workflow, synced and grouped (Avid), pulled selects for editor,

scene editing (final scenes in film)

- Worked very closely with editor to meet multiple Sundance Film Festival

deadlines, where the film premiered in January 2016

- Producer and assistant cinematographer for multiple field shoots

- Sent by director Greg Barker to get mission critical interview of key Green Beret

- Served as team liaison for Green Berets as well as finishing vendors

- Inspired to volunteer as cinematographer/editor for the Green Beret Foundation

• Assistant Editor and Associate Cinematographer for HBO’s Homegrown: The

Counter-Terror Dilemma

- Initially brought in for two week assignment, became AE and AP at Passion Pictures

- Responsible for footage processing and ingestion (Avid)

- Pre-server edit environment: kept multiple drive clones mirrored

- Created and pitched the introductory scene that opens the film

- Filmed Al-Qaeda and ISIS publications on TV screen used in final film

- Responsible for researching, maintaining and sorting massive terrorism archival


• Production Assistant for HBO’s Emmy Winning documentary Manhunt

- College internship role while balancing the completion of two full time degrees and

editing thesis documentary film

- Tracked down and acquired archival of Al-Qaeda and various terrorist groups from


- Utilized built in browser translation technology to surf and find never-before-seen

Osama bin Laden footage in the Western world

- Provided additional tech tools for the team to acquire hard to access footage

The Hacker Wars 2013

• Submersed in hacker culture, worked with director as assistant editor and

cinematographer to explore the lives and exploits of some of the best and most

subversive hackers on the planet

- Applied skills learned in Shanghai, China as a high school student: subverting

censors/firewalls, information access and research and statist exploitation

- Lessons learned from this film still apply today, if not more so:

tech censorship, trolls, sock puppet accounts, COINTELPRO type tactics applied

in the digital age


• Assistant editor for six part television and Hulu series Los Jets

- Responsible for processing, ingesting, synching and grouping footage (Avid)

- Mirrored up to six drives with two full-time editors, two story producers and director

- Focal point for post-production vendors and delivery to network


• Fluent in Adobe Suite, Archival Research, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro

• Edit project and post-production architecture, implementation and upkeep

• DIT/Workflow design, project management

• Edit server purchases, installations and network implementation

• Proficient with Arri, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony cameras (1080p-4K worfklows)

• Adaptable to a wide variety of shooting or editing scenarios

• Conversational Mandarin-Chinese


• The Green Beret Foundation: volunteer cinematographer and editor for yearly skeet shoot


• Saffyre Sanctuary Horse Rescue: four year volunteer and helped fundraise $20,000 via GoFundMe

video and social media campaign



• B.F.A. Film Production, B.A. Political Science

- Chancellor’s List, National Political Honor Society

- Sikhlens Scholarship Recipient 2011

- Destination: Africa Scholarship Recipient 2010